Karl Gietl

karl gietl

Lives and works in France.

Karl Gietl was born in Worcester, in the Western Cape of South Africa in 1970. He grew up in the small mining town of Benoni on the East Rand and was schooled in the vibrant and turbulent city of Johannesburg during the ‘chaos’ of the mid eighties. Karl Gietl had his first solo exhibition of paintings in 1994.

In 1998 Karl Gietl won first prize in the national ABSA atelier art awards which gave him the opportunity to live and work at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris for six months during 1999. Gietl however remained in Europe for three years. He lived, traveled and exhibited in Holland, Germany, Belgium and France. After a short stay in Spain, Gietl returned to South Africa in 2001.

Back home Gietl again embarked on a travel spree through South Africa and her neighboring countries, which gave rise to his large city scape series of 2004. From portraits of ‘cracked up’ prostitutes in the dingiest brothels in Hillbrow, to the prehistoric forests of ‘The Rain Queen’ in Mpumalanga.