synthetic ritual

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Synthetic Ritual brings together a number of Los Angeles and international contemporary artists working in a variety of media including installation, painting, performance, and video. The artists explore the idea of ritual as a faith-based activity that can be validated only within certain contexts–for example sport, religion and artistic practice–and cannot be rationally proven or substantiated.The exhibition examines the presence of ritual and superstition in our professional and personal lives and asks why, in such an advanced and sophisticated technological and cyber driven world, ritual still occupies such an important and dominant role. Exploring the three central themes of ritual in relation to sport, religion, and artistic practice the artists provide refreshing and surprising commentary on ritualized behavior in the 21st century.

Mounira Al Solh, Meris Angioletti, Beatrice Catanazro, Marcus Coates, Joel Kyack, Lawrence Lemaoana, Yoshua Okon, Adrian Paci, Marco Rios, Kara Tanaka, Carlin Wing, and Amir Yatziv

75 pages, 18×16.5cm, softcover

Published by Pitzer College Art Galleries