From Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean often evokes fantasized visions of exotic dreams. Far from postcards clichés, Malala Andrialavidrazana brings us discreetly into private spheres in Antananarivo, Mumbai, Durban and Reunion Island, and presents the viewer with day-to-day atmospheres, still-lives and fragmented portraits with elegance and subtlety.

She is driven by the diversity of those communities and how identities are expressed in a world of mass communication and where uniformity leaves its mark on people.

Playing with boundaries in general and more particularly with the passages existing between anthropology, contemporary art and architecture, she explores the authenticity and intimacy of the middle classes in the urban areas on the Indian Ocean.

Joël Andrianomearisoa, Julie Crenn, Nathalie Gonthier, Peter McKenzie, Didier Schaub

132 pages, 24 x 20.5 cm, hardcover
English / French

Published by: Kehrer