anthology of african and indian ocean photography

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Pascal Martin Saint Leon, N’Goné Fall, Jean Loup Pivin

Presenting a comprehensive chronicle of African photography, this work includes over 500 images by 160 photographers from the mid-1800s to the present. From photography’s introduction to Africa by European countries that needed to keep an eye on their colonies, to its recent use as a documentary tool against apartheid and for independence, its history encompasses, like the continent itself, a colorful and multi-faceted narrative of oppression and struggle, liberation and birth. Essays by 35 specialists from the whole world; art historians, university professors, and local journalists from all over the world as well as writers from ‘Revue Noire’ magazine provide incisive essays that document the pioneering and original work of African photographers, such as Seydou Keita, Meissa Gaye, Mama Casset, Felix Diallo, Malick Sidibe, Cornelius August, Billy Monk, Santu Mofokeng, Pierrot Men, Catheryn Pinnock, Bob Gosani, and many others.

432 pages, 24x32cm, hardcover
English (also exists in French and Portuguese)

Published by Revue Noire