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Ricardo Rangel and the Mozambican photography
Bruno Z’Greggen, Grant Lee Neuenburg

14 photographers from younger generations, who have been directly or indirectly influenced by Rangel’s work. They all share a defining trait, since they perceive photography as a means of portraying Mozambican reality. The underlying intention of exposing, denouncing or simply documenting this reality is not alien to the fact that most of these photographers have been professionally involved in photojournalism.At the heart of their work, in harmony with a humanistic vision of the world and photography’s relation to it, are anonymous individuals, often the direct victims of poverty and a ravishing civil war, and their inviolable dignity.

Artists :
Ricardo Rangel, Kok Nam, Joel Chiziane, João Costa, Rui Assubuji, Alfredo Paco, Luís Basto, Naíta Ussene, Alfredo Mueche, Martinho Fernando, Ferhat Vali Momade, Albino Mahumana, José Cabral, Alexandre Fenías, Sérgio Santimano

167 pages, hardcover
French and German

Published by Christoph Merian Verlag