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Clive Rundle

This interdisciplinary exhibition, curated by Erica de Greef, presents reflections as constructions of memory in the work of fashion designer Clive Rundle, through a study of the multiple sites of fashion that make up the collective work of this well-known fashion designer, namely; the studio, the shop, the show, the fashion shoot, the magazine, and more closely, the patterns, the sketches, the mirrors and the fashioned objects.

“I am interested in the complex negotiation that occurs in the reading of the surfaces of fashion”, says de Greef, “and especially, in the work of Clive Rundle, where fragments of the past continually confront the present moment”. Underpinning this exhibition is a notion of time and layering, as a palimpsest or as a network of memory traces that reference loss and absence in the considered constructions of fashion: – in a jacket, a sleeve, a textile, or a bricolage of pieces.

Event opening, Climbing out the Wall 2 / Opening speaker, Dion Chang

24 June – 24 July 2011