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Joël Mpah Dooh

A mature and accomplished artist, Cameroon’s Joël Mpah Dooh exhibited his works internationally. His first solo exhibition in South Africa entitled Just to say hello…, in 2006 enjoyed massive public appeal and critical acclaim. Subsequently, he was one of the prominent artists featured in the curated show at the recent Johannesburg Art Fair. He has just completed a three month residency programme at Johannesburg’s Bag Factory.

In his new solo exhibition After taste, Joël Mpah Dooh is showing the results of his latest researches in terms of content and medium. The highly original works mixing metal, perspex and light deal with the fragility of humanity and are often inspired by the edgy and saturated energy of Johannesburg.

9 – 31 May 2008

joël mpah dooh, big city life tower, acrylic on metal, 100x102cm, 2008