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Sandile Zulu and Gonçalo Mabunda

In this show, both artists explore the cycles of destruction and regeneration in the process of creation and history, suggesting new symbols of universality and vitality.

An internationally acclaimed artist, Mabunda deals with the fierce destruction of civil war by neutralizing its weapons and creating peaceful or cheerful sculptures. In 1995, he worked with South African sculptor Andries Botha and had a strong artistic revelation. Through his cathartic practice, he became a combatant of life. Creation as a healing process; this exhibition is also a celebration of invincible optimism and resilience. Mabunda invents a universal language from specific historical dramas.

Zulu, in his own way, scientifically explores the elemental cycle of life in search of new meanings and creative truth by burning and extinguishing canvases and materials, leaving behind the charred, blistered remains, in a process that he would refer to as artomism. Here again, the fire as well as the materials and the tools are metaphoric codes in themselves and a means of construction, liberation and purgation. Beyond the apparent quite harmony of the works, one can always sense a subtle but solid force of permanent and endless transformation that speaks of the human experience. Zulu’s introspective journeys translate into the external spheres of psychological relationships and cosmological explorations.

28 October – 26 November 2005

sandile zulu, dna molecules, fire, air, water on canvas, 170×150, 2005