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A Fashion Performance by Strangelove

This production talks, in abstract terms, of the constructive role of women in society. A role often overlooked and undervalued. In alluding to the textile term of a selvage of cloth being the element holding the entire piece of cloth together and preventing it from fraying and disintegrating, we talk of the pivotal role women play in keeping the fabric of society together. By exposing the raw edges of the cloth in the costumes and presenting layered images of the female form we are illustrating the many layers or facets of femininity, layers which are overlooked as contemporary society focuses the spotlight merely on the exterior.

Typically, in clothing construction, once the garment has been cut and made the selvage of the fabric is thrown away – what has, for the duration of the cloth’s long journey to become clothes, kept the entire piece together, becomes discarded, redundant and overlooked.

11 August 2006